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Tarber AB will end business on 31 July 2017.
From 1 August 2017, Casmo AB will take over all smoke sales in Sweden and Denmark.
All of our products will also be available at our warehouse in Gothenburg in the future for fast and secure delivery to all our customers, as we have always been known for.
Delivery of Tarber Smoke Master spare parts to our Swedish and Danish customers will also be handled by Casmo AB

Peder Fischer and Mattias Nilsson will continue to work and offer their knowledge of smoking as well as service and maintenance of the Tarber Smoke Master systems.

Below you find contact information for future orders of smoke and TSM service after 2017-08-01:

Ordering of Red Arrow smoke condensate in Sweden
Helena Rajala (speaking Swedish)
Tel. +358207756609

Ordering of Red Arrow smoke condensate in Denmark
Kalle Nordic ApS (Casmo AB's Danish branch)

Klaus Bruun
Tel. +45 702 380 60

For technical support regarding Red Arrow smoke condensate and smoking processes:
Peder Fischer
Tel. + 46 705 930 592

For technical support and service on Tarber Smoke Master equipment:
Mattias Nilsson
Tel. +46 705 270 737

Stefan Björk
Tel. +46 733-310 638


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Byändavägen 4B
FI-01750 Vanda